The table d'hotes is composed of a traditional home made cuisine, plate served accompanied by some fresh seasonal products.

You can enjoy meals such as mussels served with local Andouille of Guemene, fresh cod served on gingerbread, chicken marinated in cider and chouchen , some traditional alcoholic beverage from Brittany.

Other specialities include Far reton served with salted caramel and crepes. Those are only some examples of meals we serve to get you salivating and make you want to share dinner with other hosts.

It's important that you book in advance if you want to enjoy some home made French dinner.

To make the table d'hotes more friendly we start dinner with a drink served with some appetisers followed by starter ,main meal and dessert.

19,50 euros per adult wine and coffee included
11 euros per children under 12 years

Drinks included


No Table d'hotes will be served on Sunday night.